Sights and Attractions

Cathedral Peter and Paul – the cathedral is located in the city center and belongs to Brno dominants. The cathedral is not only an architectural and artistic heritage, but also a key point of Catholic Christianity. Its origins date back to the 11th – 12 century. Špilberk castle – Another landmark is the castle Špilberk, which was built in the 13th century. During its existence castle changed its function several times. It used to be the residence of nobility or Baroque fort with barracks or prisons. Currently it is used for Brno City Museums´ exhibitions and the public.. Villa Tugendhat in Brno and functionalism a funkcionalismus v Brně – nejvýznamnější funkcionalistickou památkou je vila Tugendhat, kterou navrhl otec moderní architektury Ludwig Miese van der Rohe v roce 1929. V roce 2001 byla vila Tugendhat zapsána do listiny UNESCO. Balíček Vila Tugendhat. Mezi další brněnské funkcionalistické památky patří brněnské výstaviště, Zemanova kavárna, kavárna Savoy, kolonie Nový dům a mnohé další. Vila Löw-Beer v Brně – the most important monument is the functionalist villa Tugendhat, designed by the father of modern achitecture, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929. In 2001, the villa Tugendhat was registered in the list of UNESCO. See our Villa Tugendhat package. Other functionalist sights includes Brněnské výstaviště – BVV (Exhibiton center), Zeman cafe, cafe Savoy, colony Nový dům and many others. Brno undergroundí – people began to discover underground in 2010 by opening the Mincmistrovský sklep at Dominikánské náměstí (square). Subsequently, Labyrint was opened under the Zelný trh (square), the birthplace of Brno. Since 2012, visitors can discover 50 000 human remains in the ossuary under Kostel sv. Jakuba (church). Jewish monuments – one of Jewish monuments in the city is a functionalist synagogue datin from 1934 – 1936. It is the only one synagogue in the South Moravia which serves its purpose. In Brno you can also visit the Jewish cemetery. Other monuments you can find in cities such as Boskovice, Slavkov u Brna (Austerlitz), Mikulov, Břeclav and more. Brněnská přehrada(dam), ZOO a hrad Veveří(castle) – reservoir is a favorite place for town citizens, built in 1936 – 1940 on the river Svratka. It is an ideal place for recreation, active holidays and trips especially with children. You can also look forward to a steamboat ride taking you to the Veveří from 13th century. On the way back you can visit the Brno ZOO, a favorite place of your children. BVV(Brněnské Výstavy a Veletrhy – exhibitions center) – started its activities in 1928 and is one of the most important areas for holding exhibitions or other events. It also ranks among the major functionalist monument in Brno.