Massages are provided by a professional personnel and you can choose from several options:

Back massage – 40 minutes

Price for massage 520 Kč

Perfect massage to warm, stretch and relax stiff muscles. It supports blood and lymphatic circulation and so supports overall metabolism. You can expect high-quality natural oils for regenerating your skin.

Head and nape relaxing massage – 20 minutes

Price for massage 430 Kč

As a result of a constant tension you can suffer from stiff nape muscles often followed by headaches. This relaxing head and nape massage brings you an instant relief and it is also suited for people with sitting occupation.

Back and nape aroma-massage – 60 minutes

Price for massage 630 Kč

Enjoy the relaxing touches removing all the stress from your body together with a delicate fragrance of natural essencial oils. You can choose from many kinds of these healing oils just before the massage. And we are happy to help you with the choice.

Foot aroma-massage – 60 minutes

Price for massage 630 Kč

This massage perfectly supports the blood circulation and metabolism. Not only the essentials oils smell pleasant they also affect various problems our feet often suffer from – cellulite, pain in the joins or prevention of varicose veins.

Reflection foot massage – 40 minutes

Price for massage 520 Kč

By stimulation of reflex points we can encourage and harmonize the whole body. Thanks to reflexology principles we can prevent many health problems. The more often you get the massage, the better health you can enjoy. It is also great for those having ´´cold feet´´.